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Sustainable Design 201: Recycled Fabrics

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

As a Carbon Neutral company, we’re always looking for ways we can help reduce our Carbon footprint and the effect we have on the world around us. 

Our RE-FLEX range is just another step we are taking to make sure that we are part of the solution and not the problem. The fabrics in our RE-FLEX collection are made from post-consumer recycled plastics and fabrics with recycled components making up 50-94% of the fabric.



Our Gold series RE-FLEX PRO fabric is part of our premium outerwear collection. RE-FLEX PRO is made from 94% recycled post consumer plastics. Though recycled, our RE=FLEX PRO range maintains its technical performance being 20K waterproof and 15K breathable with an ergonomic 4-way stretch. 


Our Silver series everyday range, features RE-FLEX DURO which differs to our Pro range as it's constructed with 60% recycled fabrics. Our DUROrange is 15K waterproof, 15k breathable and features a mechanical stretch feel.


Lastly, we have our White series RE-FLEX CORE range, like RE-FLEX PRO, this fabric is made from recycled PET plastic but has a 50% make up. Our entry-level CORE range is 15K waterproof, 10K breathable and has a comfortable mechanical stretch.

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