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 Network Security Consulting, Management, and Training

J Stengel Consulting is dedicated to protecting you and your organization. We focus on testing and prevention to ensure that your organization does not have to spend as much time or energy reacting to threats, and can spend more time focusing on building and growing your network and company. 

We’ve found that on average, 14 – 58% of employees in an organization will not know how to respond to an attack. Our training and services have consistently reduced vulnerabilities and increased productivity.   

Phishing Tests Policy Review and Writing
Security Assessments Website Security Testing
Security Audits CIO and CSO Contract Services
IT Audit Evidence Collection


J. Stengel Consulting is the premier IT Security Training, Testing, and Remediation, firm for medium and large businesses, education, and governments. Our international client base gives our team a tremendous amount of experience in a wide variety of situations. We are proud that our success has largely resulted from our ability to look at the big picture when making IT Security and Risk Mitigation recommendations. Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of how all business facets, from human resources to accounting, operate. Thus, they make certain that any recommended technology and business solutions work in tandem with already present hardware and software, with the ultimate goal being for your IT operations to propel your business forward at its competitive best. 

Our highly trained consultants are also constantly evolving so they can make current and relevant recommendations that will streamline business processes, increase employee productivity, reduce costs, and permit future growth, even rapid growth if necessary. All employees have quarterly training and reading requirements so they are also growing as individuals.

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